Applying for Admission

Admission Openings

Texas Spanish Academy  is currently accepting applications for the infant, toddler, and preschool programs. Some classes are full and on a wait list, ranging from a few months to over a year. Please call (512)248-2211 or e-mail info@txspanishacademy for more information regarding next available openings.

Admissions Process  

1. Schedule a School Tour and Interview: Parents are given a school tour and interviewed, during which there will be the opportunity to learn about the school’s programs, view all classrooms, review curriculum, and ask questions. Call (512)248-2211 or e-mail to schedule a visit.

2. Submit a Guaranteed Start/Wait List Form: Families have the option to either secure a future date with a Guaranteed Start or be placed on a wait list call list. The Guaranteed Starts are guaranteed a secure start date and are given first priority to sooner openings. The wait lists are not guaranteed a start date and are contacted only after all families on the guaranteed start list have been notified first.

To reserve a spot for future enrollment at Texas Spanish Academy families must submit a Guaranteed Start along with a deposit to the director. All deposits are applied to the final month of enrollment. The Guaranteed Start form may be completed and submitted at the time of the school tour and interview. All Guaranteed Start dates are based on availability.

To be placed on our wait list call list, families must submit a Wait List form. Placement on the list does not guarantee a date. Families on this list will only be notified after all Guaranteed Starts are contacted as they are given first priority.

3. Class Placement: Once a start date has been determined, it is possible that an observation and assessment may be requested in order to determine the placement most conducive to learning for the child (for example, a child with an early birthday after September 1 may be better suited for the next class). Texas Spanish Academy is an inclusive environment and does not discriminate.

4. Finalize Enrollment: Within a month of a child’s start date, families will be requested to complete their child’s enrollment file with: enrollment application,  statement of health from a doctor, vision and hearing screening results (for 4 & 5 year olds), immunization records, discipline & guidance policy, handbook agreement, parent-school agreement and contract, contracted hours and financial agreement form, infant feeding instructions (if applicable), and a child assessment form (to be completed by parents).

5. New Student Orientation: New parents are invited to attend a 30 minute orientation session with the director. During this orientation all enrollment forms will be submitted, needed school items and supplies will be turned in preparation for the child’s first day, and tuition will be paid for the first month of enrollment.

For assistance with the application and enrollment process, please call Texas Spanish Academy at (512)248-2211 or e-mail


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